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Hydrodynamic and propulsion system design tools for naval architecture and the propeller trades – from concept to 3D CAD

Laptop with NavCad software

Hydrodynamic Challenges Solved

Our core mission is providing engineering tools to develop ships, boats, and other marine vehicles – and their propellers – more efficiently and responsibly. Leading the industry in applied hydrodynamics and propeller design for more than 30 years, HydroComp’s software and training accelerate time-to-market with superior outcomes for your products and designs.

Speed. Power. HydroComp.

We’re the longtime experts for performance analysis and design tools that guide your design toward responsible, efficient vessel operation. The Vessel-Propulsor-Drive system model is the foundation of optimized performance via the industry’s gold-standard tool for Speed/Power Prediction, Operational Energy Analysis, and Propulsion System Sizing.

Propeller Trades Lean on HydroComp

Propeller designers, builders, and sales staff all rely on HydroComp tools for competitive advantage, superior products, and satisfied customers. Considered an industry advisor, our staff bring a unique expertise to help companies that are looking for new production efficiencies and better performing products.

Improving Maritime Sustainability

As our maritime industry addresses responsible environmental sustainability, and HydroComp is helping companies navigate a challenging regulatory landscape. HydroComp software provides ship operators and their designers with tools to determine their carbon footprint, identify fuel-efficient systems, and even taking an international lead in the mitigation of underwater radiated noise.

Hydrodynamic and Propulsion System Design Tools

NavCad by Hydrocomp


The flagship framework for entire resistance, propulsion, mission profile, and optimized performance design tasks

PropElements by Hydrocomp


HydroComp’s “design for performance” propeller tool to customize and optimize a propeller for a specific ship or vessel type

PropCad by Hydrocomp


The industry’s most popular commercial tool for propeller “design for manufacture”

PropExpert by Hydrocomp


This “propeller application sizing” tool is the favorite of marine propeller, engine, and drive companies from main-office OEMs through their distribution pipeline

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